“Friends of Children” Association

Dufatanye Inshuti Z’abana Association (DIZA) is a non-profit organization created in July 1997 by the former employees of the Fred Rwigema Orphanage in Rwanda. The orphanage was set up for the huge number of children who had been orphaned or separated from their families by the Rwandan Genocide of 1994. DIZA was created in attempts to continue supporting the child survivors of the Genocide after the orphanage was shut down.

Today, DIZA is overseen by twenty-three volunteer board members and one staff member. The organization operates out of Rwamagana, a small town an hour outside of the nation’s capital. Since its inception in 1997, DIZA now has two major partners based in Ireland and France and have supported over 400 orphaned and/or vulnerable children all over the Eastern Province.

In addition to obtaining sponsorship for children, DIZA has begun the construction of a Nursery and Primary School in Rwamagana to provide schooling at a lower cost for students. DIZA is currently raising funds for the completion of the school, among many ongoing projects.

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